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July 22, 2022

Hudson Grande Senior Living Thanks and Celebrates Its Culinary Director

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Author: Austin Marsh, Business Office Director

Fun Fact: The hat that chefs wear is called a Toque Blanche, which means white hat in French. It is believed that the height of the hat symbolizes the seniority and rank of the chef in the kitchen and the folds in the hat express the qualification of the chef.

Culinary art is the mastery of preparing, cooking, and presenting food. Culinarians, or Chefs, are experts in this field and can be found in hotels and restaurants around the world. The depth of their talent extends far beyond the kitchen. Chefs also have a profound understanding of design, food science, nutrition, and diet.

Culinarians Day, held annually on July 25th, is a day to thank and celebrate the people who impact our experience with food in such meaningful ways. Worldwide, this day is a time to appreciate the art of cooking and is often commemorated with events and competitions. At Hudson Grande Senior Living, we will be honoring our amazing Culinary Director, Nick Stromack, and their team!

Having attended Sullivan University for his formal culinary training, Nick hit the ground running, and came to his destination when he reached Senior Living. Nick has a sweet spot in his heart for our residents and the care that he brings through the doors of our restaurant with him every day is second to none. To say this is where he belongs, is an understatement!

The most interesting fact about our Culinary Director is that he HATES chewing gum; it’s got to go! Nick also grew up riding horses. When not working, Nick loves going to the races, riding off-road vehicles, and just being outside. But most of all, he loves fishing with his daughter.

Nick says he would like to prepare a meal for Kyle Larson. He is a famous race car driver and Nick has always wanted to be a race car driver.

The signature sweet Nick prepares for our community is hand-rolled truffles in three different flavors: chocolate, peanut butter, and Oreo cookie. His favorite dish to make is seafood, specifically crab legs. Cooked just right, Nick says he could eat them for hours.

Our unique set up and stylish dining décor are really something to enjoy. The home-like feeling that you get while in the restaurant environment is one that we have not been able to find anywhere else. Pair that with the top-tier customer service from our staff, and you would think you are at a Michelin star restaurant in Paris, France!

Our culinary team is a conglomerate of skill levels, knowledge, and experience, but when you challenge them, they will always come out on top. They complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses to get the job done and create the optimal dining experience for our residents. We could not do what we do at Grande Waters without this hardworking team!

If you want to join in the Culinarian Day fun, you can toast the day with your friends and family by cooking some new recipes! Embrace the celebration by sharing pictures or video of the recipe and your adventures on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. tagged with #CulinariansDay.


PrairieStone Senior Living is a comprehensive community soon to be offering independent living plus, assisted living, and memory care, accompanied by an array of services and floor plan options. Our amenities include restaurant dining, outdoor and private dining, a 24-hour bistro, concierge service, housekeeping, events and entertainment, personal care, a salon and barber, transportation services, a patio and firepit, and more. Our community extends beyond our campus, providing residents with the opportunity to explore the local downtown area, featuring charming shops and restaurants. Nature enthusiasts can visit the picturesque George Wyth State Park for nature walks and birdwatching or enjoy the stunning scenery along the Cedar River. Cultural events and festivals, such as the Cedar Basin Jazz Festival and Sturgis Falls Celebration, offer even more opportunities for engagement. PrairieStone residents have convenient access to a wealth of adventures and activities, both within and outside the community.

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