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May 5, 2023

Hudson Grande Senior Living Encourages Intergenerational Relationships Between Children and Older Adults

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Author: Ally Grimes, Resident Services Director

As we age, health becomes a major focus of our daily lives. We begin to think more about eating well, getting enough exercise, and keeping our minds active. But health is more than that – it also includes our relationships with others, specifically intergenerational relationships. 

According to an article in Press & News, there are the many benefits of intergenerational relationships between children and older adults.  

  • Children who spend time with older adults growing up are less ageist as they get older.  
  • It can prevent isolation and loneliness in older adults.  
  • It provides a perfect opportunity for young and old to learn from one another.  
  • It builds a stronger community.  
  • It gives older adults a sense of purpose and helps younger generations have a greater respect for and value of older adults.  
  • It helps keep stories and history alive within families and the greater community. 

At Hudson Grande Senior Living, we promote intergenerational relationships in many ways! As the Resident Services Director, I have hosted a handful of children-focused events. We invited grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the residents, and children from the local community to join us on the first Saturday of every month for Story Corner. The children and residents get to listen to a wonderful story while enjoying a nice snack. Then, they work on a craft together. Other events include a Fall Festival Pig Roast and Family Fun Day Carnival with a dunk tank, balloon twister, and carnival snacks and games. We also work with a local piano teacher. She brings her students to our community for piano recitals.

When observing the interactions between children and older adults, it’s easy to see how much older adults really have to offer to children, and vice versa! They share smiles, memories, information, and more. The joy and excitement I see on the residents’ faces when there are children in the community is amazing! Not all the residents have young children around them anymore, so when we get the chance to have kids in the community it brings a new kind of energy to the building, the residents just light up! It’s also nice to see the way the children interact with the residents. You can see a sense of pride when the children can “show off” something they have learned or are able to do. You can see a genuine connection between the residents and the children and I am so lucky to get to help foster those connections. 

Each of our communities works hard to foster intergenerational relationships and memorable experiences.   

Source: Engage at Every Age: The benefits of intergenerational relationships – Senior Community Services    

PrairieStone Senior Living is a comprehensive community soon to be offering independent living plus, assisted living, and memory care, accompanied by an array of services and floor plan options. Our amenities include restaurant dining, outdoor and private dining, a 24-hour bistro, concierge service, housekeeping, events and entertainment, personal care, a salon and barber, transportation services, a patio and firepit, and more. Our community extends beyond our campus, providing residents with the opportunity to explore the local downtown area, featuring charming shops and restaurants. Nature enthusiasts can visit the picturesque George Wyth State Park for nature walks and birdwatching or enjoy the stunning scenery along the Cedar River. Cultural events and festivals, such as the Cedar Basin Jazz Festival and Sturgis Falls Celebration, offer even more opportunities for engagement. PrairieStone residents have convenient access to a wealth of adventures and activities, both within and outside the community.

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